Tips & Tricks

There could be many potential reasons making your Mac system slow and sluggish. Due to exposure to the cutting edge technology, Mac users require high speed and performance. You need to follow the tips and tricks given below to restore your Mac system to full speed:

  • Remove Startup Items : Many applications automatically add up to the 'Startup Items' queue and tend to open on every login. This reasonably slows down your Mac system. Remove the unnecessary items by navigating to Apple Menu> System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.
  • Change 'System Preferences' : Open 'System Preferences' and turn off all unnecessary features, such as Universal Access, Bluetooth, Speech Recognition, and Internet Sharing, if you don't need them.
  • Log out Other User Accounts : Some applications left running under other accounts might affect your performance. To make things a little fast and snappier, you need to log out all other accounts.
  • Shutdown Unwanted Widgets : All widgets on your dashboard keep silently running in the background and consume a lot of RAM and CPU processing power. You need to remove the unnecessary widgets from the dashboard to keep your Mac up and running.
  • Update your Mac : Schedule your Mac to check for daily, weekly, or monthly updates. Even it won't cost a thing to occasionally check the Software Update preference pane and update your Mac system.
  • Repair Disk Permissions : Open Apple's Disk utility, select 'First Aid' tab, and click 'Repair Disk Permissions'. This might resolve various permission conflicts for a number of applications.
  • Remove Caches and Temporary Files : Temporary files like overflowing system, user and font caches keep accumulating as your Mac gets older and take up huge disk space. This causes Mac slow-down. You can use the following terminal command to remove these files: 'atsutil databases -remove'
  • Check Activity Monitor : To keep an eye on other things that may be eating your RAM, you need to check the Activity Monitor regularly. The Activity Monitor will keep you updated about everything, including CPU usage, virtual memory usage, RAM requirements etc.

Speedup Mac by Stellar provides you with the best solution to effectively tune your Mac OS X by completely removing all large and duplicate files, language files, system junks, universal binaries, caches, logs, and other unwanted items from your system. Besides boosting your Mac's performance, the phenomenal utility allows you to back up important files in ZIP format before removing them from the hard drive.

The software has two options to speed up your Mac machine. You can either perform the operation on a particular volume or you can clean up your entire Mac hard drive. It also facilitates uninstalling unnecessary or unused applications, which occupy a lot of space on the hard drive and substantially drag down your Mac's performance.