Stellar Speedup Mac

Speed Up your Mac

Enhance Your Mac Hard Drive Performance by Stellar Speed up Mac

Q: What is the basic difference between the 'SpeedUp Now' and 'Uninstaller' options?

Ans: Both the options of Stellar SpeedUp Mac have their respective significance. The 'SpeedUp Now' option of the software enables you to remove redundant data from the Mac hard drives and contribute in the Mac optimization process. This module enables you to select either the boot volume or any other secondary volume to remove cache, log files, system junks, Trashes & leftovers, Manage Extensions, Universal Binaries, Language files, Duplicate files, and large files. The 'Uninstaller' option completely removes any unwanted application from your Mac simply by 'Drag & Drop'.

Q: How does the 'Large Files' option help in speeding up the performance of the Mac drive?

Ans: The 'Large Files' option enables you to figure out and remove the large files from the Mac hard drive, thereby creating enormous disk spaces. In addition, you can configure the 'Large Files' settings to define how big a file is to be considered as a 'large' file. Also, you can define the duration for which the file has not been accessed.

Q: What is the significance of removing the language files? How does it help in speeding up the Mac volume?

Ans: Some applications provide multilingual support so that these can be used in various parts of the world. However, at times you do not require all the language files, which take up unwanted disk space and exploit valuable system resources. This Speed up Mac software enables you to pick such language files from various applications and removes them from the hard disk. However, please note that these language files once removed cannot be recovered. To have them back, you should reinstall the particular software application.

Q: How the duplicate files are created in the Mac volume? What is the benefit of removing them?

Ans: During the normal working on your Mac volume, you tend to create drafts of the same document or save a file under different names. Also, it may happen that you get an attachment in your email and save it numerous times on your hard disk at different locations. There could be other ways to have multiple copies of the same file. Such files obviously take lot of disk space and should be removed to gain valuable space. For this purpose, you should use this duplicate file remover that finds out multiple copies of a same file and removes all except the master copy. Stellar Speed up Mac is one such utility that helps you automatically remove the duplicate files.