Delete Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are commonplace on Mac for a plethora of reasons. The users who are accustomed to managing multiple copies of their files soon find themselves in the trap of data redundancy and their system having a hard time running programs and other tasks. Duplicates may build up in your iPhoto, iTunes, iMovies and iWork library when you sync with any of your iOS devices on Mac.

The new Auto Save and Versions features in OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion and higher version like EI Capitan is an extension to the 'Save As' feature, which help automatically backing up and saving different versions of your file. You can create a duplicate of your current document for further reference or editing. This also contributes to piling up duplicate files on Mac hard drive.

Effects of Accumulating Duplicate Files on Macintosh HD

Duplicates are a space waster for your Macintosh HD and no less than a clutter of digital data residing on your Mac. Macs edge out other systems owing to their superior performance. When these duplicates consume enough space on your drive, they start disrupting your operating system and applications. The presence of a large number of duplicates will clog up your OS X Mac hard drive and running tasks in the background. As a consequence, you face serious Mac slowdowns.

Removing Duplicates with Stellar SpeedUp Mac

In an attempt to provide your system a performance bump, you need to weed out these duplicates and tidy up your Mac. Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a simplistic but efficient utility that scans all the folders of your Mac system for duplicates and helps you trash them quickly with minimum fuss. You can use this tool to remove other duplicate files from folders of iTunes, iMovies, iWork, iPhoto and Aperture. By cleaning the duplicates from your Mac, you can regain up to many Gigabytes of free spaces for the OS X.

Follow the below mentioned procedure to delete duplicate Mac files using Stellar SpeedUp Mac:

  • Run the 'Stellar SpeedUp Mac' software.
  • In the 'Menu' bar, click 'SpeedUp Mac'.
  • From the menu, click 'Preferences'.
  • On the displayed screen, click 'Files'. A screen is displayed with two options; Large Files and Duplicate Files. Note: By default the 'Large Files' option is highlighted.
  • Click 'Duplicate Files' tab. A screen with two panes is displayed.
  • The left side of the pane shows a list of file formats, on the basis of which you can filter the files.
  • Click [+] button to view all the extensions under a particular group. You can also add your own extensions. In order to add your own extension, type the desired extension in the listbox prefixed by *.
  • Similarly, you can remove any file extension by selecting it and then clicking [-] button. Note: Once the file extensions are selected, you can either scan these file formats or exclude them while scanning.
  • Highlight 'Scan for these files only' option to scan for the listed files.
  • Highlight 'Scan excluding these files' option to scan for the files other than the listed ones.
  • The right side of the pane shows an option to select duplicate files with reference to some size.
  • Specify the size in the 'Find Duplicate file(s) with size greater than' box.
  • Choose a scan option for the duplicate file(s) from 'Quick scan' and 'Strict scan'. Note: Choosing the 'Quick scan' option for scanning would display files with same name, size, and creation date. On the other hand, 'Strict scan' option would display files with matching content.
  • Choose 'Do not scan Applications' to avoid scanning any of the applications.
  • Click OK. This would save the preferences. Note: You can select an already configured preferences or can save the preferences to be used in future.
  • Once all the duplicate files are selected, a file cleanup option screen is displayed.
  • Choose any desired option and click 'Proceed' to remove duplicate Mac data.

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