Stellar Speedup Mac

Remove Unwanted Apps & Speed up Mac

Remove unwanted third-party applications, widgets, and plug-ins from your Mac with this free Mac cleaner tool.

Why Delete Mac Applications?

Below are the primary reasons that make your Mac run slow and
degrade its performance to a great extent.
Unused & Large Applications icon

Unused & Large Applications

Having too many unused and large applications take up considerable storage space of your Mac storage drive. These apps could be responsible for slow performance of your Mac.

Incompatible Apps icon

Incompatible Apps

A large number of applications could be installed in your system that may no longer be compatible with your macOS. Such applications might slow down your Mac.

Non-Essential Widgets icon

Non-Essential Widgets

Unnecessary widgets on your dashboard occupy a huge amount of space on your Mac. These widgets can significantly affect your Mac’s performance.

Outdated Plugins icon

Outdated Plugins

Large number of extensions, outdated plugins, hidden add-ons & trash negatively affect your Mac system and further slowdown Mac performance.

Duplicate Applications icon

Duplicate Applications

Duplicate applications could be installed on your Mac at different locations multiple times. These duplicate applications ultimately lead to unnecessary storage space consumption.

Malicious Applications icon

Malicious Applications

Some applications installed on your Mac could be harmful for the system. These applications may even put your macOS at risk and slow down Mac system performance.

Delete Mac Applications with Stellar Speedup Mac

Eliminate unused or older applications from Mac to speed up the storage drive and give your Mac a new life!
  • Free Mac from all incompatible or outdated applications
  • Remove non-essential widgets & plugins with Stellar Speedup Mac
  • Boost Mac performance by deleting unused applications
  • Uninstall all malicious applications from your Mac with just few clicks

Software Walkthrough

  • Navigate to Uninstaller.

    speedUp mac screenshot 1
  • Drag & Drop an unwanted app.

    speedUp mac screenshot 2
  • Press Uninstall Now to remove the app

    speedUp mac screenshot 3