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Usually you do not require putting in the extra effort to keep up your Mac's performance as Mac machines are fast, reliable, and keep themselves up-to-date by running automated scripts regularly.

However, there are various reasons that can eat up your system performance and consequently drag down the performance of your Mac. Below mentioned are some of the primary causes responsible for slowing down your Mac system:

  • Corrupt Preference Files : Applications having corrupt preference files tend to make your Mac slow. The preference files may get corrupt due to a number of reasons, such as disk errors, disgraceful shutdown of the Mac system etc.
  • Numerous Widgets on Dashboard : As the widgets occupy system memory, having too many widgets on your dashboard will significantly decrease the performance of your Mac. You can use Activity Monitor to check the memory usage of widgets.
  • Cache, Log, and Temporary Files : Various caches, log files, and temporary items keep accumulating over time as the Mac usage increases. These unnecessary files take up huge space on your Mac hard drive, which sometimes leads to slow Mac behavior.
  • Wrong Firmware : Keeping firmware up-to-date is essential for proper functioning of your Mac system. If you are using wrong firmware, it can cause various issues making your Mac comparatively slower.
  • Applications running in the Background : All applications running in the background or the applications not closed properly increase CPU usage of your Mac system. Some applications even have memory leakage issues. This might consume a lot of memory.
  • OS X10.11 and 10.10: EI Capitan and Yosemite are RAM hungry OS X and therefore user often complains of poor performances on these OS X.

There are certain ways through which you can considerably speed up your Mac machine. Try to perform the following actions to optimize slow Mac.

  • If the preference files are corrupt, delete these files and try to relaunch the corresponding applications. You should also backup old preference files for future reference.
  • Try removing all unwanted or unused widgets from the dashboard through the Dashboard control panel.
  • Run 'Software Update' in the Apple menu. You can also change the system preferences to schedule your system for regular updates.
  • If you are running out of memory, you need to upgrade the system RAM to boost your performance.
  • Ensure that there are no permission conflicts with any application. You can repair disk permissions by using 'Disk Utility'.
  • Reset your browser settings to regularly clear caches and delete all recent browsing history.

Stellar Speedup Mac is an efficient solution to clean up your Mac system by completely removing all unwanted large files, caches, universal binaries, trashes, leftovers, unused applications, widgets, etc. The software uses robust algorithms to search for the unnecessary and redundant data in the Mac system and allows users to perform a selective Mac cleanup.

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