Stellar Speedup Mac

Boost Slow Running macOS

Meet Stellar Speedup Mac, a FREE Mac cleaner utility to speed up slow Mac. It is safe, reliable and easy-to-use.

Wondering Why Your Mac is Running Slow?

Primary reasons that slow down your Mac
Duplicate & Large Files icon

Duplicate & Large Files

Duplicate media files, bits of applications and unwanted large files eat up a huge amount of your Mac SSD or HDD space. These unwanted files clutter your start-up disk and slow down macOS.

Corrupt Preference Files icon

Corrupt Preference Files

Applications that contain broken or corrupt preference files tend to slow down Mac. These files may cause Mac applications to crash, slow down your system, and degrade its performance.

Cache, Log & Temporary Files icon

Cache, Log & Temporary Files

Different kinds of caches, log files, outdated or broken downloads as well as temporary files keep accumulating over time as the Mac usage increases. These files can also slow down Mac.

Multiple Widgets on Dashboard icon

Multiple Widgets on Dashboard

Where Widgets on your dashboard can offer you quick & easy access to your most-frequently-used applications, too many of them can consume RAM and degrade Mac performance.

High Memory Consumption icon

High Memory Consumption

A few apps require higher RAM feeding than currently available on Mac. Launching applications excessively & keeping them running in the background often makes Mac run sluggishly.

Needless Login Items icon

Needless Login Items

When you boot your Mac, the apps assigned to the login items automatically start running. The higher the number of apps present in the login items tray, the longer it takes to complete the Mac start-up process.

Speed up Mac by Cleaning Junk from Mac Drive?

Give your Mac storage drive a new life with Stellar Speedup Mac. It cleans your Mac safely and gets back valuable storage space.
  • De-clutter your hard drive by removing duplicate and large files.
  • Get rid of trash, leftovers, unnecessary plugins & widgets
  • Accelerate Mac performance
  • Wipe out un-used apps easily

Software Walkthrough

  • Select the Slow Mac Drive, and click Next.

    speedUp mac screenshot 1
  • Launch Scan to find junk & duplicate files.

    speedUp mac screenshot 2
  • Click Remove to clean & regain free spaces.

    speedUp mac screenshot 3