Stellar Speedup Mac


A powerful cleanup software for Mac which helps you improve the performance
of your slow Mac by removing unwanted files and applications..

  • Cleanup Large Files, Duplicate Files and Log files.
  • Cleans up unwanted Files, Universal Binary Files
  • Schedule Cleanup Mac operations at a specified time


Processor: Intel
Hard Disk: 55 MB of free space
Memory: 1 GB
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.5 Leopard

Why Clean My Mac

Are you fed up dealing with slow Mac and need to clean up unwanted files?
Stellar SpeedUp Mac will help you clean up Mac in just one go!

Speedup Mac is comprehensive disk cleanup Mac software to remove all unwanted files and applications, which are degrading the system performance by occupying the space of your Mac hard drive. The software deletes unwanted photos, videos, songs, large files, log files, duplicate files, temporary files and Internet cookies from any volume of the system. It now removes duplicate files from iTunes, iWork, iMovies, iPhoto & Aperture.

What Makes your Mac Slow?

Working on your Mac system for over a period of time, you undoubtedly gather tons of applications and files. These applications and files may include many unwanted files, such as duplicate photos & videos, multiple copies of same file in your iTunes library, unused applications, old iChat logs, log files, mail downloads, browser cache etc. All these unnecessary stuff eat up valuable disk space of your system and make it slow. In addition, various installed applications add themselves as Startup Items, which make them to start at every login and eventually; the startup of your Mac takes longer time than usual. .

SpeedUp Mac is the Solution for You!!!

Nothing is more irritating than working on a sluggish Mac, which shows the spinning beach ball at every process call. To improve the performance and increase its storage space by cleaningup Mac, you can use Stellar SpeedUp Mac. The software effectively cleans all the unwanted files from your Mac system in few easy steps and with highly interactive user interfaces, is pretty easy-to-use.

Download and install SpeedUp Mac and follow these simple steps to perform full cleaning of your Mac:

Advantages of Keeping Mac Hard Drive Clean:

There are number of advantages of keeping your Mac hard drive clean:

  • More Free Space: Cleaning up Mac system would wipe-off all unwanted, unnecessary or redundant data that is probably hogging the system. This will generate more free space and make room for other useful applications on your computer.
  • Enhanced System Speed: A disk cleaner Mac utility would surely help you reach the peak level of performance and make your system alive again. Removing unwanted system junks, large files, caches, and log files will ensure a smooth functioning of your Mac OS X.
  • Safeguards your Personal Identity: It would remove Internet cookies, history data, previously deleted files, and all traces of your confidential and personal information from the system, thus protecting your system from a potential hack or data breach.
  • Computer Security: As your system might contain a number of viruses and other malware, cleaning Mac will remove all these malicious programs and keep your computer safe from any type of system or hardware crash.

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