Delete large files on Mac

No matter how you have organized your storage on Mac, your hard drive is deemed to get accumulated with large files and leave you in a state of desperation. The presence of a slew of large files in the system is the reason why your hard drive space runs low and your Mac slows down to a crawl oftentimes. Users are inclined to keep bulky videos, movies, and other large files on their Mac hard disk drive. The operating system takes prohibitively long time when accessing large files, which primarily depends on the storage of these files in your system.

The storage of files on the hard drive is based on the memory allocation scheme used by the operating system. Large files are often stored in more than one place on the hard drive, which results in unused space occupying the blocks between related pieces of data. This organization of memory is better termed as file system fragmentation. So, when you are dealing with large files, your Mac suffers from fragmentation that could typically slow it down.

Removing Large Files on Mac with Stellar SpeedUp Mac

In case large files are hogging your Mac hard drive, you need a way to find these files and clean them out of your system. Stellar SpeedUp Mac is the right choice when you do not want to use the Spotlight functionality or the search operators in Mac to delete large Mac files. This application easily scours your hard drive by browsing all folders in your system for large files and trashing these files to restore the original performance of your Mac. You can also use this tool to remove logs, application leftovers, and junk files to clear off a good amount of space on your hard drive.

To remove large files on Mac with Stellar SpeedUp Mac software, follow the given series of steps:

  • Start Stellar SpeedUp Mac. On the main interface, click the Rocket button.
  • This window offers 2 scan – Recommended and Custom Scan. Recommended is selected by default and cleans large & duplicate files from Startup drive whereas Custom Scan cleans the same from a logical partition or volume.
  • You can set preferences for carrying out the cleaning operation. To do so, click 'Preferences' option in the menu. The search for large files will be performed as per these preferences.
  • Click 'Start Scan' to start the scanning process.
  • A message box is displayed. Click 'ShowResult' to view the results of scanning or click 'Free ___MB Space' to continue.
  • A warning message shows up asking you to back up all the important data. Select the desired options.
  • Click 'Proceed' to remove large files from your Mac.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac is equipped to clean up all the large files on your Mac in one sweep and recover significant space on the hard drive.