Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

Speedup Mac Platinum Edition is an advance version of Speedup Mac software
that is designed to optimize your Apple Macintosh HD with its 9 capable utilities:

  • Cleans Macintosh HDD & Mac Uninstaller
  • Defrag and Repair Mac hard drive
  • Secure Wipes Mac and Kick out duplicate data
  • Monitors and compares Apple Mac disk performance
  • Schedules necessary tasks
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Version: 1.0
Processor: Intel
Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space
Memory: 1 GB
Operating System: OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6

Launch Clean up operation on Mac hard drives

No matter how fast your Mac is, after a certain period of time it needs to clean junks and unwanted files for a better performance. Speedup Mac Edition does the best work here since it comes with a wide range of features that provides tools for cleaning, wipe and optimizing Macintosh HDD. This Speedup utility is a great Mac Cleaner that removes Junks, Caches & Log files, Language files, Universal Binaries, System Junks, Trashes and Leftovers) from Macintosh HDD and additional partitions. It gives you the option to speed up the OS X boot time by managing Login-Items.

Defragmentation of Macintosh HD

This Speedup Mac Edition is equipped with a wide range of powerful features and 'Drive Defrag' is one of them. This Defrag Mac module defrags your Mac hard drive, collects all the scattered files and stores them on contiguous memory locations. This particular feature optimizes the memory space that makes a significant change in booting speed of Mac system and increase the overall performance of the hard drive.

Uninstall all the stubborn Apps & Widget

Often users install many applications on their Mac out of which few are unwanted. These unwanted apps start creating issues when they do not get uninstalled for a long time and results an abnormal behavior of Mac. In case you are facing such issues because of some stubborn apps and not able to uninstall them, then Uninstaller module could be of great help. This Mac Uninstaller will scan all the existing Application, Widgets, Plug-ins and list them along with an uninstallation option. Uninstallation is performed by drag & drop method.

Volume Optimizer repairs disk corruption

Volume optimizer is a key feature of this utility you should look for. This module is basically designed to repair the damaged or corrupt permission on your Mac boot drive. Optimizer is immensely useful in repairing or rebuilding the corruption in partition directory structure. Additionally, it also allows you to repair Mac drive whether it is an external hard drive or a Solid State Drive.

Smart Finder

Smart Finder scans your entire Mac startup drive(folders) and lists all stored data along with large files and duplicates in multiple viewing formats like Graphical view, Column view, and List view. With this duplicate file finder module you can find out unwanted large items and duplicate files that have been occupied much of the Mac hard drive space. It is of great help if you want to remove iTunes, iMovies iPhotos duplicate files.

Drives Monitor

Drive Monitor is helpful in reporting S.M.A.R.T status of the mounted HFS partitions and drives. User can view complete information of the Apple HDD. The most useful feature of the Drive Monitor module is to scan the Apple HDD and report bad sectors. User can quickly initiate the full backup of the drive if it becomes inconsistent.

Wipe Mac Machine

Like its name, this module comes with multiple in-built wiping algorithms that provide secure erase of internal & external Mac drives along with USB and SD drives. This wipe utility wipes complete data permanently beyond the scope of recovery. It securely wipes Macalong with unused space, datafiles, system history and logs,and web browsers etc. Further, this module prompts you to schedule your wiping tasks automatically at the predefined time.

Smart Mac Care

Smart Care is a very special feature among all of the utilities. It is like a scheduler that lines up some of the utilities on Speedup Mac Edition to improve the overall Mac performance. It monitors hard disk temperature and schedule Speedup Mac, Drive Monitor, Wipe and Volume Optimizer features of the software. Smart Care provides you a single interface where you can run different modules of the software to keep your Mac healthy and check the errors and inconsistencies in its volume.


Benchmark analyzes your Mac overall performance and compares the HDD performance with already stored results of other Mac systems. You can compare the data Read/Write speed of your Mac drive within time duration. The result of the analysis is shown in Bar Line graphs so that you can easily check the performance level of your Mac.

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