Worried Due to Sluggish Performance of Mac? Here is the Solution

We all often feel that our Mac is not as smart as it was when we bought it and the sluggish behaviour of Mac is noticed over a period of time. Well, the slow performance of Mac is not the resultant of some instant wrong operation or anything else but our Mac gets slow day by day over a period of time. Sometimes some small efforts like, closing unnecessary applications running on our Mac or restarting the machine does the needful and increases its speed to an extent.

But, at times these small tricks too fail. Well, at that situation some of us may think to get a new Mac – which is not a wise decision as there are various other ways to optimize the performance of our Mac, using which we can speed up Mac.

Some of the very effective ways to get the performance of our Mac back are:

  • Clean unnecessary startup items: There are various applications which automatically list themselves as ‘startup items’ and thus they open every time when we login or restart our machine. These unnecessary applications thus slow down the startup of Mac. To check the list of startup items, navigate to Apple Menu>> System Preferences>> Accounts>> Login Items. Thus, removing these unnecessary items from the list can improve the speed of our Mac. To remove them, select the item form this list and click the minus button. We have to be very careful while removing any startup item as removing some critical startup item can cause big problem.
  • Clean the Dashboard: Though widgets present on Mac are nice to see and have, but they too require various resources from our Mac. Thus, cleaning all the unused or unwanted widgets from the dashboard is recommended. Hence, if we are not using dashboard widely then disabling the dashboard, improves the performance of our Mac.
  • Clean other System Preferences: Apple includes System Preferences to your machine however, some of them are really unnecessary. Thus, it is recommended to remove all the unnecessary System Preferences.
  • Clean up the Hard Drive: The hard drive of our Mac fills up with various items over a period of time despite of its large size. Thus, it is advised to clean the Mac hard disk time to time and even empty the trash. :

Mentioned above are some tips which most of the times speed up your Mac, but there are times when these solutions too fail. At that situation opting for reliable third-party utility is recommended. One of the most efficient utility in this category is Stellar Speed Up Mac. This utility removes all the unnecessary applications and items and thus optimizes its performance. The software is compatible with the latest Mac OS X Lion.