What causes Performance issues on your Mac

Purchasing the fastest computer (i.e. Mac) does not mean that you do not have to be anxious about its performance, as its manufacturers did not guarantee you that it would not slow down, did they? They certainly did not. In fact, how can you expect a computer to perform seamlessly well during its entire lifetime? If you do, you are on the wrong track because a computer is nothing but an electronic-cum-digital machine, and the fact is that a machine cannot perform well persistently. Therefore, it is obvious for computers to face performance issues after a long period of rigorous usage.

During this annoying state of your Mac, it boots sluggishly and takes longer than usual time to run applications and open files saved on it. Meanwhile, you face a continuously spinning colored beach ball, which sometimes leads to beach ball of death. In order to speed up Mac or simply say, to improve the performance level of your Mac, you need to find out its causes first, and then proceed to rectify them. For this, if you delve deep, you find out following causes are taxing the performance of your Mac:
System generated Temporary Files

During execution of the system programs and user applications, several types of temporary files (i.e. termed as system generated waste) are produced automatically that reside on boot volume on your Mac drive. All such files contain intermediate calculations and resultant values produced during executions of various system programs. These files undergo execution repeatedly by using RAM and Processor, due to which other programs have to wait until these system’s resources are free.
Remove all such temporary files from your Mac drive in order to get system’s resources free to execute the required processes only.

Corruption of Disk Permissions
Mac file system assigns a set of permissions to access file on its every volume. These disk permissions not only limit unauthorized user-access to these volumes, but maintain file system’s integrity as well. In case the permissions of either of the Mac volumes get corrupt, you will not be able to perform read/write operations on that particular volume.
Every time you make any large change (e.g. to install or uninstall one or more large applications or system updates) on your Mac system, verify and repair these disk permissions in order that there is no permission issue.

Corruption of Mac Disk
Along with the corruption of Disk Permissions, Mac volumes also get corrupt due to forced or improper Mac shutdown, power surges, and many other issues (i.e. Master Boot Record corruption, file system corruption). Moreover, when a hard drive gets too old, many of its storage blocks are turned into bad ones. Since motion of the read/write head of the hard drive over bad blocks is much slower than that over the other blocks, data stored in all such blocks responds poorly. As a result, you find your Mac slower than ever before.
If you face such issues on your Mac, back up your data and upgrade to a new hard drive because it may fail anytime making you face data loss. Moreover, to speed up Mac, get a professional Mac cleanup application, scan entire Mac drive, and then remove all system waste quickly and efficiently.