Simple Tips for Speedy Mac

Day by day, year by year your potential Mac slows down and one fine day you start getting ‘beach ball of death’ while performing every task. Prior to the beach ball, there are number of symptoms which show you that your Mac requires attention. These symptoms are long loading time of applications, very frequent machine hangs, long time in completing any application, and slow switching among various applications. Generally, these symptoms occur when the hard drive of your machine gets cluttered with items. Let us discuss some really simple methods through which you can get back the efficiency of your machine:

  • For any computer to run effectively, it is necessary to provide it at least 10% free space. Therefore, if you find your hard drive cluttered with unnecessary items then clean it up by removing all the non-useful items. This for sure speed ups your machine.
  • Stop running multiple applications on your machine simultaneously. Since each and every application that you run on your computer requires processor, large number of applications running on your machine all together slow down its speed. Therefore, it is suggested to keep open only those applications that you require currently.
  • Unlike Windows, Mac does not support cluttered desktop. If you have filled desktop, then this can be a reason for your Mac’s slow down. Remove all unwanted items from desktop or make their aliases on it for keeping it clean and getting back your machine’s speed.
  • Unrequited startup items are another cause responsible for sluggish Mac. Many times various downloaded applications automatically add themselves to the login items of your machine. Since these unnecessary login or startup items load themselves every time when your machine starts or restarts, they create delay in start up process as well. Therefore, it is suggested to remove all the unnecessary start up items from ‘Login Items’ tab provided under ‘System Preferences >> Accounts’ location.
  • However, if none of the above methods are able to get back the performance of your machine back and still you are thinking how to clean my Mac, then use of a professional Mac cleaning utility is recommended. Professional tools clean up all unnecessary items from your Mac’s hard drive without causing any data loss. Therefore, they are the best tools for cleaning up your machine hard drive and making it as smart as new.

Above mentioned are useful recommendations that help you to get back the performance of your machine back.

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