How to Remove Duplicate Files on macOS

Summary: This article will share some of the useful ways to remove duplicate files on a Mac computer. macOS users can use Finder and Stellar Speedup Mac Software to remove all the duplicates files from a Mac hard drive.

In a Mac computer, duplicate files such as documents and photos can occupy a significant amount of space on the hard drive, and you might not even realize they exist. It might be possible that you have previously copied data into several folders and external USB drives, and some additional copies could exist in the Mail Downloads folder as well. You might even find a few GB of duplicate data in iTunes, normally because several albums from the same artist might contain the same tracks.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to free up your Mac disk space by removing all the junk files, folder and improve the slow running Mac system. And, when it comes to removing duplicate files, there are plenty of different ways. The most common methods of removing duplicate files are discussed in this article.

  • Remove duplicate file manually
  • Remove duplicate files using 3rd party application
  • Removing duplicates songs from iTunes

How to Remove Duplicate Files using 3rd Party Software: Although, there is a large number of Mac duplicate file remover software available, but Stellar Speedup Mac Software is the best solution among all the option. This Mac cleaner software successfully removes all the cache, log, junk files from the Mac hard drive and hence makes a Mac run faster.

Note: Quick method to remove duplicate files

Some of the most important features of this Mac cleaner software are written below:

  • Support for all the major Mac versions
  • Identify and completely remove duplicates files from iMovie’s, iTunes,
  • Provide ‘Drag’ and ‘Drop’ option for removing duplicate files

How to Remove Duplicate Files using Finder in Mac: Duplicate files in Mac OS can easily be found very quickly using the help of Finder. This process of removing duplicate files is rather slow because you need to decide which ones to keep and which to delete manually, but with just some time and patience, you can locate all of your duplicate items in Mac properly.

Note: Time-consuming method to remove duplicate files

Follow these steps to complete this process:

  1. Open a new Finder window in your Mac system
  2. Now, In the search field, enter the wildcard asterisk symbol
  3. In 3rd step, try to make sure that the Size and Kind columns are displayed
  4. From there, you can Filter the results by Kind, and you will see the list of similar items

This method is always correct and reliable because it shows only the identical files listed by their size, name basis. Just delete any files or folder, which you do not want to keep. But, before that try to make sure they really are duplicates items. Unfortunately, this solution for removing duplicate files does not let the user check whether the files are true byte-level copies or not. The only disadvantages of using this method are the amount of time it takes to complete.



How to Remove Duplicate Files in iTunes: Checking the duplicate files in iTunes is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have highlighted the relevant item in your iTunes library(i.e. Music, Films, Podcasts, etc.)
  2. In the File menu, select Display Duplicates

After that, all types of duplicate files can be found will be displayed in the iTunes Windows very quickly as shown below.


Itunes inbuilt Feature: iTunes has a great inbuilt feature that let the user identify and remove all the duplicate video, music, audio files quite easily using iTunes library. This inbuilt feature will not work with other types of media files that are not present in iTunes library. However, for iTunes media files, it is one of the best ways to free up some extra disk space.

To use this inbuilt iTunes feature, you just need to open iTunes and click on the View menu. After that, select “Show Duplicate Items” option in front of user screen. You can also hold the Option key on your keyboard and then click the Show Exact Duplicate Items link. It will only display the duplicate files with name, album in your iTunes library.

After you click this, iTunes will show you a completely sorted range of all the duplicate files found. You can go through the list and delete any duplicates from your computer if they are duplicates. Once you have completed this step, click View > Show. It will let all Items of iTunes to get back to the default list of media.

Author Note: Identifying and removing the duplicate files is always the best option of improving a slow running Mac computer. Also, Mac users can easily remove all the duplicate files present in Mac hard drive as well as in iTunes using the help of the above-discussed tools and techniques. Meanwhile, if you ae facing any other problems during this article or any of the above step, then please feel free to share it with us through the comment section.


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