Easy Tips to Fine-Tune Your Retarded Mac

Every now and then, your Mac behaves like a time-sucking machine. You experience applications slowing down and your system taking infinity time to start up. This usually happens when your hard drive contains a plethora of useless files and heavy-duty applications eating up your virtual memory space. There are various other reasons that may bog down your Mac. Sometimes, you run a number of applications all the time or have various programs running secretly in the background. In other cases, the Mac hard drive is cluttered with unwanted logs, caches, temporary files, history, and the like. All these things tend to make your Mac unresponsive and sluggish. In order to restore your Mac to the original speed, you can try the below mentioned methods:

  • Remove Unnecessary Programs from Login Items:

Various applications that you install on your Mac add themselves to the ‘Login Items’ list and run at every restart or login. If you do not require running these applications every so often, remove them from this list. You can find such applications in the ‘Login Items’ folder in ‘Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts’.

  • Clean out History and Logs:

Mac records all activities performed by the user. Generally, data logs comprise cookies, caches and browsing history. Additionally, Mac creates backups of critical system data and applications. This adds to the useless clutter on your hard drive and drags down your system performance. You need to clean up these logs and history data in order to get back your lost Mac speed.

  • Check Your Widgets:

You may have messed up your dashboard with hundreds of widgets. These widgets silently run in the background even when the dashboard is hidden and consume precious system resources (RAM and processor power). If you do not use all of them frequently, it is better off removing them from the dashboard.

  • Clean Out Unnecessary Code:

Some software are specially designed for both PowerPCs and Intel Macs. If you have installed such applications on your Mac, they might make other applications sluggish or incur major slowdowns. For optimizing your system speed, you need to get rid of all such unnecessary code.

There is a range of Clean Up Mac utilities available in the market nowadays. These software allow you easily shrug off all the unnecessary files, caches, logs, and system junks. They help to enhance your system performance by freeing up a considerable amount of disk space. Further, these tools support the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

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