How to Clean up macOS Sierra Disk


This article explains the inbuilt storage optimization features introduced in the macOS Sierra. This function is primarily designed to free up the extra storage space on OS X by storing all the rarely used files and folders in iCloud, emptying the trash folder and removing all the junks data.

With the release of Sierra version of Mac, Apple makes it much easier to remove all the junk files and folder on Mac system without having to undergo a time wasting process of deleting them manually one by one. This new ‘Optimized Storage Spaces’ feature of Mac will help users in dealing with useless and duplicate files, old downloads files by automatically move them to the Trash folder. For the majority of Mac users, it is the best OS X Sierra feature.

Though, Optimized Storage feature requires iCloud online data backup service. But, 5 GB of freely provided iCloud drive storage makes Mac users to take full benefits of this Optimised storage space. For a better understanding of iCloud storage space, please visit here.

How to access the Optimised Storage option in Sierra?

Below is a step by step guide on how to use and take the full advantage of Mac Sierra Optimized Storage feature: –

  1. First, you need to click on the “Apple Logo” located at the top of your menu bar and then choose the ‘About this Mac’ option.
  2. Now, select the ‘Storage’ tab located at the top of your screen to find a complete detail on how much storage space your system is currently using as shown below:
  3. 1Here, click on the ‘Manage’ option to open the Mac optimization process.

Once you open up the Optimize Storage space option, you will find a list of all the files that are stored there and all the necessary actions which you need to take to free up your disk space.


The file storage on OS X is list down in the below-mentioned categories:

  • Applications
  • Documents
  • ICloud Drive
  • Itunes
  • Trash
  • GarageBand
  • Mail

When you click on any of the above files, a folder will open up and display where it located on your Mac. It can be deleted from that folder within few minutes.

Note: In the recommendations part of your Optimize storage space feature, you will see a list of individual actions which a Mac user should need to take for preserving the extra space. Though, recommendation section will vary depending on the user Mac usage habits.

However, certain other tips are using which you can easily implement on your Mac system.

Also, the ‘Store in iCloud’ feature in Mac Sierra is linked with another Sierra function. It makes all the files and folder stored on your desktop to be available on all sort of devices. Since it takes a lot of iCloud storage space, it should be used very carefully.


Optimize Storage’ feature will give more preferences for automatically removing all the previously watched TV programs and iTunes movies etc. It will only download the most recent mail attachment only.

Reduce Clutter: It is a review of all the files that is sorted by size on an OS X. And, ‘Empty Trash Automatically’ is used for automatically deleted the files and folder to the Mac trash folder.



Authors Note

A quick use of this new ‘Storage Optimization’ features helps your Mac OS X to free up more than 50 GB of extra drive space. Though, it will vary from user-to-user depending on the Mac junk data. Also, it is easy to use and secure way of removing all the junk data from a Mac system.

But, despite this new Mac Sierra feature one can’t ignore the importance of a Mac cleaner software, which have their own use when it comes to deleted junk, log files from a Mac. Meanwhile, if you know any other tips that might be useful for other users, then please let us know them via the comment section.