An ideal solution to easily clean up your Mac hard drive

Are you tired of your Mac PC that is running at snail’s pace? Do you want to revive or clean up your sluggish Mac? The only solution to this is to delete all the unnecessary stuff from your system that you do not use any more. Doing this might speed up things a little bit.

Much to the delight of a user, there are several third-party Mac clean up tools available that will make your task more easier. However, you can try a few things yourself to efficiently clean up Mac. Make sure to backup everything to an external drive before performing these steps.

  • Search for the CPU and Memory hogs:

Start the Activity Monitor (Go to Applications > Utilities) to find out the applications that are taking most of the CPU time and dragging down your system performance. Also, determine the processes running for various software applications that you do not require.

  • Empty your Startup:

When you start your Mac system, there are a number of programs that run automatically. You need to ensure that all these programs are actually required and used by you. For deleting unnecessary items from the Startup, select ‘Accounts’ in System Preferences and then choose the ‘Login Items’ tab.

  • Uninstall unwanted applications and files:

Run down the list of applications in your Applications folder and uninstall the applications that you do not use anymore. You can take help of an uninstaller program to uninstall applications and all related files. This will create more free space on your hard drive.

  • Delete log files:

Your Mac system contains a bunch of log files that you do not need to access anymore. These log files take significant space on your hard drive. You need to open the Console application from the ‘/Applications/Utilities’ folder to get a list of log files saved in your system and then delete these files manually.

You can find a number of third-party Mac clean up utilities available in the market. These software can help you easily delete all the unnecessary files, folders, and applications from your system in a single go.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a highly recommended tool that effectively optimizes and cleans up your Mac system by removing all unwanted applications and leftovers, caches, logs, system junks, language files, universal binaries, etc. With this competent clean up Mac utility, you can set the required preferences for automatically uninstalling applications whenever they are dragged into the Trash folder. Furthermore, the software supports the latest Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’.