A Walk-through of Stellar SpeedUp Mac 3.0

“As far as the performance of computers is concerned, Mac OS X based computers are the leaders.” –

You too must have the same belief about Mac earlier. Many of you must have upgraded to Mac, leaving behind your PCs, aiming for high-performance system, data security, eye-pleasing interface, and some other great features. However, things did not act that way for too long and now you are facing gradual downfall in your Mac’s performance.

Are you looking for a Mac speedup tool, as your Mac machine is running like a Snail?
Stellar SpeedUp Mac has already landed up and is available for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks as well. This Mac speedup tool scans the Mac drive for temporary files, cache files, log files, system junk, language files, duplicate files, and other leftover stuff, and then enables you clean them out to give your Mac the rocket speed.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac comes with a simple UI with a ‘SpeedUp Now’ module embedded on it. The software cleans out the system generated wastes thoroughly and increases your Mac’s performance up to 25 percent. Going with the ‘SpeedUp Now’ option enables you scan the primary or boot volume (which is selected by default) of your Mac, as long as the ‘Recommended Scan’ option is selected. This option binds cleanup process to the boot volume only and results in faster system boot, no more crashing applications, and some like improvements in your Mac.

In contrast, to scan a secondary volume, switch to ‘Custom Scan’ option, and then select a volume either in the ‘Choose Volume’ drop down list or in the list of volumes at the left. Going with this option also goes for cleaning up the system wastes accumulated in the selected secondary volume. To clean up the secondary volumes for these wastes, you have to go individually for each volume.

Clean Up
Stellar SpeedUp Mac enables cleaning your Mac drive volume-by-volume for temporary files, universal binaries, cache files, trashes and leftovers, log files, system junk, language files, duplicate files, and other system wastes to attain excellent performance for your Mac. After scanning the selected volume for all these wastes, the software enables you verify these contents manually (if you want). For this, double-click a file in the result or select a file, and then click the Quicklook option in the toolbar. This is to verify if the software is treating some valuable files as the wastes, based on some issues in their signatures. Well, once you get all these unwanted items removed from your Mac, you will notice it performing significantly faster.

In addition to these, you can also remove unwanted applications, widgets, and plug-ins installed on your Mac. Right above the list of volumes, this Mac cleanup software provides ‘Uninstaller’ option that allows removing all unwanted applications, widgets, and plug-ins that are no longer required. Furthermore, the software includes ‘Uninstall Dragged App’ option, which enables uninstalling applications by a simple drag and drop. In fact, when you drag an application and drop it on ‘Uninstall Dragged App’ tab on the Uninstaller screen, it scans that application for all its files available on your Mac, and then lists them in a window. Subsequently, you can remove them all with a single click.

Task Scheduler
Stellar SpeedUp Mac includes task scheduler that allows setting up a cleanup time. At the specified time, the software will automatically start scanning your Mac for the system wastes, and then clean them up efficiently.

Note: The demo version of the software removes log files, system junk, manage extensions, and cache files. For full cleanup, you need to have its paid version.